Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are very small pieces of data which are stored in a user’s browser. The purpose of the cookies is to track the pages you visit, your login/logout information. The pages which you are visiting are also made helpful for us to determine that which article you liked most.

How does Ten Softwares use Cookies?

We can save the cookies in the user browser. When a user visits our website we save the user basic information like the user session id, internet address IP, location attributes like country, a state in cookies. We can also keep track which articles our most beloved user visited. Later, By using cookies data we’ll improve the user experience.In 30 days our cookies expire.

Google Analytics:

We had added Google Analytics code in our website. Google Analytics is a Google’s product which monitors the stats or in other words visits of a website. All the session data & cookies data are handled by the Google team. We can view user stats on Google Analytics and track out the real-time user, groping in the country, state, region, gender, age.

Google Adsense:

We can also use Google AdSense service in Ten Softwares. Google Adsense is the google advertisement product. They also use cookies in the browser. The show advertisement according to the user expertise, interests, gender, or age because they want to get the better repose from the users. Google Adsense cookies are monitored by google Adsense team, we don’t have any access to that cookies

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